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Truform | Burgandy Non Turn Bed Set


Only available in the Western Cape

      • Heavy Duty Medium Firm Cool Gel Memory
        Orthopaedic Comfort
      • 130kg pp
      • 2 Year Guarantee
      • 20 Year Warranty

DESCRIPTION: Heavy Duty Medium Firm Cool Gel Memory
Orthopaedic Comfort
With 29% more coils, our spring unit adds overall strength and durability allowing for maximum support and even body weight distribution. The spring unit is reinforced with a 4mm edge frame to add to durability and support as well as to help prevent sagging edges. This maximises the sleeping surface. It also features 10 posture bars for
increased weight bearing capability.
MATTRESS PERIMETER Rigid Polyethylene wave support increases the rigidity of the mattress’s edge for heavy wear encased with Virgin Foam for a luxurious feel and finish. This also enhances
quality and overall durability.
500G BREATHABLE INSULATOR PADS Acts as a buffer zone between the spring and foam providing a smooth surface over the spring unit. The breathability allows for ventilation to prevent overheating
and to promote hygiene.
30mm 640 DENSITY RECONSTITUTED VIRGIN FOAM Creates a more solid foundation for the comfort layers to perform optimally and to evenly distribute pressure throughout the entire spring unit reducing high impact force on the comfort layers optimising lifespan and
20mm HIGH DENSITY SOFT VIRGIN FOAM LAYER & 20mm COOL GEL MEMORY FOAM Nontoxic Hypoallergenic polyurethane foam layers provides medium firm comfort and enhances pressure point relief. It is a durable foam and does not degrade over time. Memory foam moulds to the contours of your
body whilst cool gel allows for a cooler sleeping area.
280gm KNITTED AND QUILTED FABRIC WITH 270gm DACRON AND 8mm MEDIUM DENSITY VIRGIN FOAM The fabric is durable and tough yet soft to the touch. It is highly breathable to reduce surface temperature. We Infused the use of non-allergenic fibres to promote breathability and promote hygiene as well as an added
foam layer for improved comfort.

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Truform (Western Cape Only)


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