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SOFIA Sleeper Couch

Sofia sleeper couch/sofa – available in various fabric textures and colours

*Deal only available online

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R9,299 Save R7382700


Approximate Size:

  • Outside to outside arm: 1780mm
  • Depth of arm: 770mm
  • Height of arm: 570mm (from floor)
  • Arm width: 220mm
  • Sleeping surface: 1300mm x 1930mm
  • Overall sleeping surface: 1300 x 1950mm
  • Backboard included

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Honour Sable, Morada Soil, Newberry 10 Dark Grey, Newberry 13 Light Brown, Newberry 18 Red, Newberry 19 Blue, Newberry 6 Taup, Newberry 7 Light Grey, Nivel Pool, Salon Putty


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